Phyto Collagen


It helps to repair damaged skin, to plump thinning skin, to strengthen weak hair and nails, to fade PIH, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, to fade and reduce the appearance of melasma and to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

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Phyto Collagen King of whitening 19x stem cell is an essential element for beauty and flexibility skin . With collagen peptide 10000mg talipia you don’t have to worry about the decline of collagen. No 1 Anti aging , Anti pigmentation , Weightloss , Anti Acne. PHYTO BOOSTER COLLAGEN WHITENING Effect as early as 7 days Skin lightening, Glowing effect Anti-Acne Anti-Aging Formula Pro whitening results Anti-Pigmentation Weight Loss Energy Booster Helps Control Cholesterol Eliminates old scars Helps to get rid of dullness Helps removing Toxins from body Suitable for men and women Collagen is an essential element for beauty and flexibility skin.

  • No 1 Anti Aging Formula
  • Anti Pigmentation
  • Anti Acne
  • Glowing effect
  • Pro whitening results

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