Perfect Face Kit


This set clears out pimples/acne,blackheads,blemishes and all forms of impurities on the face.


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@fabstouch New Perfect face Set for acne,dark spots, facial pigmentation,sunburn,oily face, constant break out etc.

It consists of the following

  • Detox Clay mask (powder)
  • Detox Clay mask (liquid)
  • Perfect face cream
  • perfect face cleanser
  • face corrector soap

This set has made a lot of customer stick to our  brand. A trial is all you need to become addicted.


  1. Mix little of the clay with the liquid and mask on your face for 5-10 minutes. Please, mix Only the quantity you can use at once (apply 2-3 times weekly)
  2. Wash off with the facial corrector soap (mask soap on days you are not applying the mask)
  3. Apply cleanser all over your face with cotton pad focusing more on the dark patches/spots/hyper-pigmentations (apply 2 times weekly)
  4. Massage face cream into the skin afterwards

Don’t forget to wear sunscreen

Repeat process as described and enjoy your flawless face. Ensure to combine the set above with supplement if dealing with hormonal acne.

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